How to Bookmark a Chat Session on Skype

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If you've ever been in a chat room before (and nearly 75% of all Americans have) you may have wondered, days later "What did she say?" Skype realizes that chats are used for more than casual conversations about the weather and last night's game. Chat rooms are used for business brainstorming sessions, free family reunions and trip planning. Skype have included a bookmark feature in their voice over IP chat and telephone system that allows you to save chats so you can refer to them in the future.

Begin a Chat Session

Step 1

Locate the group or individual with whom you would like to chat.

Step 2

Right-click on their name.

Step 3

Choose Start Group Chat.

Welcome your fellow chatters and begin chatting.

Bookmark a Chat Session

Step 1

Create a chat with one or more people.

Step 2

Locate the push pin icon in the upper right corner of the chat window.

Click the push pin once.

Locate your Bookmarked Chat

Step 1

Click Tools in the horizontal Skype window.

Step 2

Select Bookmarked Chats.

Choose the chat you would like to view from the pop-out list.


  • Set a chat topic by clicking the icon of the notebook paper and pencil located along the top of the chat window.
  • Click the red X on the chat window to leave the chat session.
  • The button with the pictures of people with a telephone receiver creates a conference call with all participants. If you've created a conference call with the chatters, you'll have to add additional participants to both the conference call and the chat individually.
  • Create a new chat with current participants by clicking the blue button with words in a talk bubble. This is useful if a chat moderator has left the chat but the other participants would like to continue their conversation.
  • Send a file to everyone involved in the chat by clicking the button that looks like a piece of paper with arrows on it.
  • Hide or view an individual's information by clicking the left/right facing arrow along the top of the chat window.
  • Call, send an instant message or send a file to an individual participant at any time by clicking the appropriate icon under the participant's name, located along the right of the chat window.
  • If you forget to bookmark a chat session, you can find it located in your history. Click the History tab, located two or three tabs to the right of your Contacts tab. Click the magnifying glass, located at the bottom left of the window. Choose Chats (that's the blue button with a white talk button in it). Locate the chat and double-click on it.

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