How to Bookmark a Page (Firefox)

by Steve Gregory

Save a Web page you want to revisit later by adding a bookmark in Firefox 36. Add the bookmark with a single click and then edit the details of the bookmark, such as the bookmark’s location, in the Edit This Bookmark menu. When you are ready to manage your bookmarks, open the Library window, which has all the browser’s bookmark management options in one location.

Bookmark a Web Page

Bookmark the Web page.

Browse to the Web page you want to bookmark and click the Bookmark icon, which resembles a star, to bookmark the page. The Bookmarks icon turns blue after you bookmark the page. In the future, when you open a bookmarked page, the Bookmark icon turns blue.

Name the bookmark and choose its location.

Click the Bookmark icon again to reveal the Edit This Bookmark drop-down menu. Enter the name for the bookmark in the Name field. Click the Folder drop-down menu bar and select the location where you want to save the bookmark. The three available options are: Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu and Unsorted Bookmarks. To create a new folder for your bookmarks, click Choose at the bottom of the Folder drop-down menu and then click New Folder.

Click Done.

Enter keywords that you can use to identify the bookmark in the Tags field. For example, if you bookmark the Firefox Support Web page, enter Firefox and Help as tags. Enter multiple tags in the Tag field by separating each tag with a comma. Click the Done button after completing the fields.

Manage Your Bookmarks

Click Show All Bookmarks.

Click the Bookmarks button next to the Bookmarks icon and then choose Show All Bookmarks from the drop-down menu box to open the Library window.

Click All Bookmarks.

Click All Bookmarks in the window's sidebar to display the bookmark folders. If you did not choose a location to save your bookmark, it is automatically saved in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder.

Organize and find your bookmarks.

Click a bookmark folder to display the bookmarks in the folder. For example, click Unsorted Bookmarks to display all the bookmarks saved in that folder. To transfer a bookmark from one folder to another folder, click the bookmark and drag it into the desired folder. Clicking on a bookmark also reveals its details, which you can edit at any time. In addition, you can search for a specific bookmark by entering the bookmark's name, URL or tag in the Search bar.


  • check To display the Bookmarks bar, click the Open Menu button, which resembles three lines, and then click Customize. Click Show/Hide Toolbars, choose Bookmarks Toolbar from the menu and then click Exit Customize.
  • check For fast access to the bookmarks you use the most, add them to the Bookmarks toolbar. Open the Web page that you want to bookmark, click the page's icon in the Address bar and then drag it to the toolbar.
  • check You can bookmark all open tabs simultaneously by right-clicking any tab and selecting Bookmark All Tabs from the menu.
  • check To delete a bookmark, browse to the bookmarked page, click the Bookmark icon and then click the Remove Bookmark button.
  • check In addition to the native bookmarking feature in Firefox, you can install bookmark add-ons that add alternative bookmarking functionality to the browser. QuickMark, OmniSidebar and Speed Dial are examples of bookmark add-ons (see Resources).

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