What Does a Blue Light on My Verizon MiFi Mean?

By Mandy Slake

The Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200 is a cellular modem with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. When you turn on the MiFi, it automatically connects to the cellular network and allows you to wirelessly connect other devices such as laptops, PDAs and game consoles. The MiFi will always connect to the Verizon Wireless network if it is available, but will roam off of other carriers if necessary.

Power LED Location

The power LED is built into the power button and located on the top of the MiFi device. When the LED is dark, the power is off. The color of the power LED changes to reflect the battery state and roaming status. There is a second LED on the front edge of the MiFi unit, but it only shows off or green. The power LED shows the roaming status.


The power LED changes to blue to indicate the MiFi device is using the data network of a cellular carrier other than Verizon Wireless. This is called roaming. VZW's data plans cover the entire United States, but the company does not have coverage everywhere. To provide service in areas with no Verizon Wireless towers, VZW has roaming agreements with other cellular carriers. These agreements allow VZW customers to use the other carrier's network in places where the company does not have service in exchange for allowing the other carrier's customers to roam off the Verizon network in areas where the other carrier does not have towers.

Updating Roaming

Verizon Wireless occasionally switches roaming partners. The list of roaming partners is contained in a data file called a Preferred Roaming List. When you go to a roaming area, the MiFi checks the network identification numbers broadcasted by the nearby towers and references it against the PRL. If the PRL is old, it may direct the MiFi to a different roaming partner than VZW is currently using. Update the PRL through the VZAccess Manager software that came with your MiFi. Click "Options" and choose "Activation" to update the PRL.

Other Color States

When the power LED is solid green, it means the battery is fully charged. A pulsing green LED indicates the MiFi is on, but in standby mode. When the light turns red, it means the battery is very low. Plug the MiFi into the charger, or connect it to a USB port on your computer. The LED turns solid amber when the battery is charging, and blinks amber when the MiFi has a problem.