How Do Blogs Work?

by Paul Bright

What's a Blog?

From the time man could write, he was willing to share his ideas and thoughts with the world. Over a span of thousands of years, we have evolved from writing on stone tablets to sending our words over telephone lines to wireless Internet. Communication is just something we do. One form of communication that developed straight from the World Wide Web is the blog. Almost every type of person and profession has a blog that can be read by thousands, perhaps millions, of people all around the world. This article will explain exactly what a blog is and how they work.

Niche Blogs

A blog can be loosely defined as an online journal. A person can basically put all his thoughts, hopes, dreams, or opinions in a journal-like, first person format onto a website. That website would display the person's blog entry for anyone to see on the webpage. Many popular sites, like Word Press or Blogspot, host people's blogs for free. Many blogs are very specific in their subject matter. They are called niche blogs. A person can decide to make exercise blogs, blogs about frogs, recipe name the subject and a blog can be formed around it. The more specific a blog is, the more likely it will draw a reading audience that will be faithful in anticipating every future entry. Niche blogs turn out to be a great way to meet people with your same interests and life events. Some people find this comforting and therapeutic because of man's inherent nature to be social and to find common ground with others.

Blogs for Cash

Because of the niche blogs, some bloggers have found that they can make money simply by adjusting their writing style and through advertising sites like Google's Adsense. Some hardcore bloggers believe this is a manipulation of the purpose of blogging because it is basically another web advertisement. People who niche blog for money often incorporate ads targeting their niche and write daily interests on the subject, featuring nothing but positive reviews about their niche products. Even business owners start up blogs to generate press and a feeling of being "inside" the business by their consumers. Either way, blogging appears to be here to stay. If you feel like you have a subject you are passionate about or an interesting lifestyle that could entertain others, you may want to consider making a blog.

About the Author

Paul Bright has been writing online since 2006, specializing in topics related to military employment and mental health. He works for a mental health non-profit in Northern California. Bright holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of North Carolina-Pembroke and a Master of Arts in psychology-marriage and family therapy from Brandman University.