How to Start a Blog and Have Fun Writing a Blog

by Contributor

Want to write a blog here are a few helpful tips.

Starting a blog is fun and somewhat easy. You can use one of the free blogging services. is easy to use and they have many different templates to choose from.You can also load videos and sound on blogger which makes them fun to use.There are many different options you can set up with blogger and others like Google Absence and Yahoo publishers to make a little income from your blog If you want to have a .com name then you can check out a blog service such as wordpress. Now you have to decide what you want your blog to be about. You should try and write about subjects that your are familiar with and how to attract readers to your blog with the same interests. You can also set it up for subscription only or keep it open to everyone.Your blog should have a good title and description and what the blog is about.This will help the search engines find your blog.Try and keep the name of your blog about what you want to write about.If your good at cooking try and name like"Tiffany's cooking". I have a blog about bass fishing so I name it" fishingforbass".You get the idea its important to keep the name as part of the blog subject.Pictures are great on blogs especially if they help with the blog post.Some of the most popular blogs are ones where the blogger takes pictures and writes about it.Videos work the same way and link them to YouTube or link them back to your blog.

Start writing posts and try to be positive and not to controversial,blog readers like fun and funny stuff to read about.Ask for feedback from your posts or suggestions on how to solve a problem.Bloggers like to help and love to answer this type of post. If what you're putting out is negative posts and complaints, what you get back is negative comments. Keep your articles and comments fairly short. Keep your comments to the subject and keep your blog post short and concise.I have found that 200 to 300 words is enough. Make sure you proof read your blog post and use spell check ,its irritating to see misspelled words. The art of blogging is more fun and good information with good feedback from your blog posts keeps your readers coming back.

Develop your own blog writing style let your humor or personality come through in your blog posts. Another blog tip is ask your readers to start written posts for you or have a blog writing contest with some kind of prize for the winner. Have occasional guests or friends that you know with experience in a certain subject. They can write on their expertise and give your blog a fresh perspective which is fun for bloggers.This also gives you a break from writing every day on your blog. Make sure you use a blog ping service like ping-o-matic, there are many ping services and ping them when you update your blog. These are just a few blog starting tips they are many more but these should get you started,enjoy your blogging.

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