How to Block Unwanted Caller Number

by Mandy Slake

Many land-line carriers offer a free option called Selective Call Rejection that will block calls from someone you don't wish to speak to. When you add someone's number to your Selective Call Rejection list, that person's calls will not ring through to your phone. Instead, the caller will hear a message that states you are not accepting calls. Most cellular carriers do not offer the feature as of April 2011, but Verizon Wireless is an exception.

Wait for the unwanted caller to call you if you don't know his number. If you do know the number, proceed to the next step.

Dial "1160" from a rotary or pulse-dial phone, or "*60" from a touch-tone phone.

Wait for the menu prompt. The system may first tell you if Selective Call Rejection is on or off. If it's off, dial the number to turn it on.

Select the option to add the last caller if you don't know the caller's number.

Select the option to add a number if you do know the unwanted caller's phone number. Dial in the number you want to block.


  • check Block up to five numbers from calling your Verizon Wireless phone by using the Spam Controls feature under your My Verizon account. The blocks are temporary and last for 90 days. If you subscribe to the Usage Controls feature, add up to 20 numbers and the blocks are permanent.