How to Block Unlisted Numbers

By Nicole Zoltack

It is possible to block unlisted numbers.
i Phone. image by Aleksander Reshetnik from

Some people, including telemarketers, will use unlisted numbers in an attempt to get you to pick up the phone. Even some companies, such as survey firms and debt collectors, will also use unlisted numbers. There are ways to block unlisted numbers so you do not have to be harassed by unwanted calls.

Sign up for the National Do Not Call list. This will prevent unwanted telemarketer calls.

Buy an inbound call blocker. Blockers allow you to screen your calls. You give your friends and family a code that they input into their phones after they call you. This code tells the inbound call blocker that they are approved callers.

Call your local phone company and ask if custom call screening services are provided. Be sure to learn what the fee is for this service before signing up.

Set up your number with anonymous call rejection. ACR rejects all calls from specific numbers. These calls will be rerouted to an automated message that their number is blocked.