How to Block Your Telephone Number When Calling on Verizon Wireless

By Maxwell Payne

Block your number from being viewed.
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When calling a number from a Verizon Wireless cell phone your number, and in some cases, your name appears on the recipient's cell phone screen or caller id box. To maintain privacy or prevent the person you are calling from seeing your telephone number, you can use Verizon's calling services to temporarily block your number during a single call, or set the service to hide your number for every outgoing call. When in use, your number shows up simply as "Private," "Unknown" or "Anonymous."

Block Your Number Temporarily or Permanently to a Single Number

Step 1

Press *67 on your cell phone before dialing the number.

Step 2

Dial the number and press the "Call" or "Send" button to initiate the blocked call.

Step 3

Dial 82 instead of 67 before the number to permanently block your name and number from showing up on a handset or caller id box for a specific phone number .

Block Your Number Permanently for All Calls

Step 1

Visit the "My Verizon" account website, which is listed in the Resources section below, and log into your Verizon Wireless account.

Step 2

Select the "My Plan" tab after you sign into your account.

Step 3

Select "Add/Change Features" from the "My Plan" menu.

Step 4

Click on the box next to "Caller ID Blocking." A check mark will appear in the box to indicate blocking is active.

Step 5

Click on "Next" or "Finish" to confirm the changes and block your number or name from appearing on caller IDs or phones.