How to Block a Specific Phone Number From Calling & Texting Your Alltel Samsung Phone

by Christina Riopelle

As of 2011, Alltel does not provide a single-number call blocking service for Samsung or other cell phone models. However, subscribers may manage unwanted calls with existing features. A special code blocks individual texters. For voice calls, load up your contact list and restrict accepted calls to callers on that list. If the method proves too restrictive, attach a special ringtone to known unwanted callers. The tone warns you not to pick up the phone.

Blocking Texts

Step 1

Compose a new text message. In the body, begin the message with the letter "B." Follow with the ten-digit mobile device number you wish to restrict.

Step 2

Send the text to the number "8888".

Unblock the number in the future by substituting a "U" for the "B" in the message.

Restrict to Contacts

Step 1

Select "Settings." Menu location varies slightly by phone model. On a Samsung MyShot phone, the menu appears once you click on the "Menu/OK" button. On a Messenger Touch phone, find it by pressing the "Menu" button and then selecting "Menu 1." The remainder of the phone's menu configuration remains similar across models.

Step 2

Enter your phone's unlock code. Unless you previously reset the code, try the last four digits of the phone number.

Step 3

Go to "Phone Settings," then "Security."

Choose "Restrictions," then "Calls." Opt for "Allow Contacts" to restrict accepted calls to only the numbers on your Contacts list.

Ringtone Alert

Step 1

Select "Contacts" from the phone menu. In some phones, there may be a separate contact menu accessible directly from the standby screen. Choose the unwanted contact from the list.

Step 2

Choose "Edit," then "Ringtone."

Scroll through the ringtone list until you arrive at the desired sound. Touch the selected ringtone to associate the sound with the contact number.

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