How to Block Spam on Verizon Email

by Contributor

Verizon email allows you to have easy access to your email from your phone or your home or business computer. With Verizon email, you can stay connected from anywhere in the world. Verizon is available for residential service, offering high-speed Internet and VoiceWing, which uses Voice-over-Internet Protocol technology. With Verizon phone service and email, you can block unwanted spam quickly and easily.

To get Verizon email, you must first have Verizon residential or business phone service. Once you have Verizon phone service, you can order high-speed Internet service, which will give you an email account. You'll be assigned an email address, and a password to access email.

Verizon uses an anti-spam software, the Spam Detector, that automatically sends unauthorized messages to the spam folder. To block spam, you can select the email user you want blocked, and mark it as spam email.

You also can select the email you want to block, and click-and-drag it into the spam folder. Or, you can select the email address, and click the spam button. Verizon has an anti-spam policy, giving them the legal right to protect their service from unwanted emails.

To report unwanted emails to Verizon, you can email their technical support department or call their customer service phone number. Due to spam problems, Verizon cracked down on spam emails, causing an uproar in the technology community. Verizon blocks mail from certain servers because of their reputation of having spam or viruses.

Be sure to check Verizon's anti-spam policy before deciding to sign up for Verizon email.