If You Block Someone on Skype, Will They See You Online?

By Kefa Olang

When you block someone on Skype, he will not be able to see your online status or send you messages.
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When you block someone on Skype, that person loses the ability to communicate with you in any way. The person you block will not be able to see your online status at all. The other friends on your Skype contacts list will still be able to see and communicate with you, but you become completely invisible to anyone on your block list.

What a Skype Block Does

The block on Skype is an elusive feature. Basically, anyone you block does not receive a notification of any kind. In addition, anyone you block will not see you when you come online. When you block someone on Skype, he will know you have blocked him when he realizes he is incapable of contacting you. A Skype block is intended to be stealthy, and a notification or the availability of your online status would defeat its purpose. Anytime you block someone, you are preventing him from contacting you. This means that you can be confident you won't receive any kind of communication, such as instant messages and video calls.

Blocking Someone On Skype

Now that you know that Skype does not send out block notifications, or let blocked people know when you are online, you can block an annoying, harassing or spamming contact with confidence. If you go to the the Contacts section or open the Recent tab, you should see a list of the people in your Skype account. If you right-click the person to block and click "Block this person," a new box opens to confirm your selection.

Reporting A Contact

In addition to blocking a contact, reporting a person for abuse or spamming is useful. If someone is harassing you, or sending you frequent spam messages with external links, reporting the abuse is in your best interest because Skype can stop her in her tracks before the problem escalates. In the same box you use to block someone, simply tick the "Report Abuse" check box if you want to alert Skype of an abuse.


A Skype block is reversible. If you change your mind about blocking someone, or decide to give her a second chance, you can unblock people from the Privacy Settings in the Options box. Anyone unblocked will now be able to see you when you are online and send you messages, like it was prior to the block.