How to Block Someone From Seeing One Tagged Photo on Facebook (7 Steps)

By Alan Sembera

Tagging a friend in your photo allows her and her Facebook friends to view the image.
i Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Facebook photos aren’t always for everyone’s eyes. When you’re tagged in someone else’s photo, anyone may be able to find the image, leading to potentially embarrassing situations with your boss, family or significant other. Blocking someone from seeing a tagged photo can be as simple as removing your tag or asking the other person to remove the photo. If you want to block certain people from seeing a tagged photo on your own timeline, you can adjust the privacy settings on the photo.

Another Timeline

Step 1

Click the “Activity Log” button near the top of your Timeline.

Step 2

Click the globe icon next to the picture in the list, and then select “Report/Remove Tag.”

Step 3

Click the box next to “I Want to Untag Myself” if you just want to remove your tag from the photo. Facebook will automatically remove your tag from the photo, although it won’t remove your name if it appears in the caption.

Step 4

Choose ”I Want This Photo Removed From Facebook” if you want the photo taken down, and then select a reason from the list. If you state that the photo is harassing or violates Facebook’s terms of service in another way, Facebook will review the photo and might take it down. If you just don’t like the photo, Facebook will give you the option of sending a request to the poster under your own name asking her to remove it, but the company won’t force any action.

Your Timeline

Step 1

Navigate to your Timeline and click the tagged photo.

Step 2

Click the privacy setting button beneath your name, and then select “Custom.”

Step 3

Add the names of the people who you want to block from seeing the photo in the “Don’t Share This With” field, and then click “Save Changes.”