How to Block Someone From Calling You on a Landline Service (4 Steps)

By Editorial Team

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Nuisance phone calls can be just that, a nuisance. Whether it be constant telemarketing companies phoning to try and sell you something, or if it is international calls doing surveys, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. Luckily, most phone providers offer a service by which you can block unwanted calls. If the calls you are receiving are threatening, then you may consider taking legal action as harassment is against the law. Contact the police, if you are concerned.

Step 1

Contact your phone provider and request subscription to call blocking. This may be called "call screening" or "call rejection" in some states by land line phone providers.

Step 2

Dial "*60" on your telephone. You can then enter the phone number to be blocked if you know it and press the "call" button on your phone. This will activate call blocker.

Step 3

Dial "*80" , enter the phone number and press the "call" button to turn off the call blocker for a phone number, and it will be removed from the system.

Step 4

Call "*60" right after receiving a nuisance call, to add the last number that called you to your blocking list.