How to Block the Signal of a GPS Device

by Palmer Owyoung
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Are you afraid that your spouse or the CIA is spying on you? Do your parent's keep you on a short leash by having a GPS unit installed on your cell phone or in the car? Then you are probably looking for a way to block the signal of a GPS device.

Step 1

Get the anti-tracking GPS jammer. This is a small, palm-sized device that works by blocking the signal of the GPS to the satellites effectively rendering you invisible. You can purchase it from; as of 2009, it costs $200.

Step 2

Install the device. You simply plug jammer into the cigarette lighter in your car and it begins working automatically. It will block devices within a 5- to 20-meter radius, and it will not interfere with telecommunication devices.

Get the the portable GPS jammer Mini GJ. This is a small handheld portable device that can be put inside your pocket or hand bag. Unlike the anti-tracking GPS jammer, this one can be used both in and out of a car because it comes with a rechargeable battery and a car adapter. You simply turn on the device and it begins jamming any GPS within a 10-meter radius. You can purchase it at; as of 2009, it costs $70.


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