How to Block Share on Facebook

By Ed Wills

Consider your audience when choosing what and with whom to share on Facebook.
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Sometimes there are things you want to tell your friends or colleagues that you don't want broadcast to just anyone. If you have held back from posting anything on Facebook for fear of it being shared with the world, there is hope. Facebook continues to improve its security and control features, allowing a greater degree of confidence when posting on Facebook.

Creating Your Default Sharing Settings

Facebook's security settings enable you to determine who gets to see your status updates by default. You can select Public (everyone), Friends (those you have accepted as Friends on Facebook), or Only Me. You can also choose a specified list such as Family or Close Friends. If you really want to be specific you can create a Custom list of specific individuals you have friended on Facebook. Since these are the default settings you should set them for the smallest audience you want to see all your posts. You can expand posts individually to a larger audience. To set your default sharing settings, click on the security icon in the upper right hand corner of your home screen. It looks -- appropriately enough -- like a padlock. Click on "Who Can See My Stuff?" Click the down arrow under Who Can See My Future Posts and select your default audience.

Choosing Your Audience for Specific Posts

When you share a status update on Facebook it is automatically shared with your default audience. Unless you chose Public as your default audience, those who view the post cannot share it further than your original specification. For example, if you set your default audience as Me Only, no one is going to see the post but you. If you expand the audience of a specific post to Family, only those in your Family Group can see the post. They cannot share the post with their friends who are not in your family group.

Taking Away the Share Option

Generally, when you see a post on your News Feed, there are options to Like, Comment or Share. If you do not want the Share option to be available, set "Me Only" as your default audience, then expand your post to a custom list of specific individuals. Click on the audience selector icon to the right of the time of your post. (If your set your default audience to Only Me it will look like a padlock.) Choose the Custom option and select "Specific People or Lists." Enter the individuals you desire to receive the update. Facebook will start displaying a list of your Friends as soon as you start typing. Those individuals will view your post on their News Feed without a Share Option.

Avoiding Being Hacked

Facebook continues to improve its security, but you must do your part to prevent having your account hacked. If someone figures out your password, they can access your posts, friend lists, and personal information. The Better Business Bureau recommends four precautions you can take to prevent being hacked: Enable Secure Browsing, change your password frequently, enable login notifications and avoid suspicious links.