How to Block Senders in Cox

By Meaghan Ellis

You can control what comes to your Cox WebMail inbox by adjusting the proper settings.
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Everyone receives email from unknown sources, spammers, and unsolicited marketers from time to time. But after a while these emails can become quite an annoyance, taking up lots of inbox space. Fortunately, Cox Communications has email account preferences designed to assist you with blocking senders and spammers from contacting you. You can block individual email addresses and full domains so you can better enjoy your Cox WebMail experience.

Access the Cox Communications' High Speed Internet WebMail sign-in page. (See Resources.)

Enter your Cox User ID and email password and click "Sign In" to access your WebMail account. The browser will redirect to your Cox WebMail home screen.

Click the "Settings" button on the menu bar across the top of the Cox WebMail home screen.

Select the "Allow and Block Messages" option in the WebMail Settings menu. This action will lead you to the Advanced Blocking Features' box.

Click the radio button for the "Activate Advanced Blocking Features" option to block specified senders by their email addresses or domains. The Blocked Senders and Domains box will appear so you can enter the sender's email address or the domain that needs to be blocked.

Type the sender's email address or domain into the Blocked Senders and Domains text table. (If you have multiple senders to block, be sure to type each address on a separate line.)

Go down to the "Blocked Mail Actions" section in the window.

Click the radio button option that reads, "Delete Mail From Blocked Senders" to automatically delete any mail that comes in from the senders you listed.

Click "OK" at the bottom of the box to confirm the changes to your Cox WebMail account.