How to Block Private Calls From a Cell Phone

By Joanne Cichetti

Block those annoying calls.
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When you receive anonymous or private calls from a cell phone, you may feel certain that it's from somebody with whom you don't want to speak. People make private calls when they want to hide their identity. You can easily block the private caller from reaching your telephone. Unless he reveals his identity, he will not be able to put his call through.

Check your Caller ID options. If you are receiving the private calls on your cell phone number, go to "Menu" and select the option "Network Services." Choose the feature "Call Barring" and select "Private Calls." The options vary in different cell phones.

Contact your cell phone service provider if the above option does not work. Ask if they provide the call block feature for private callers. Tell them the specific time of the received call so the company can trace the specific number and put it on your block list.

Ask your phone service provider to enable the feature that forces private callers to reveal themselves. When this feature is enabled on your phone, every private caller is asked through a recorded message to unblock the number. Once the caller unblocks the number, only then is the call put through.