How to Block a Private Caller

By Heather Topham Wood

Blocking unwanted calls can help relieve the stress they cause.
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When you receive a private call, it is most likely from someone you don't want to speak to. Private calls are those from people who want to block their numbers from appearing on caller ID screens. Bill collectors and telemarketers frequently call from private numbers. You can easily block a private caller.

View your caller ID box options. On some caller ID boxes, you can select "Options" and "Reject Incoming Calls" when you select a phone number on the box that is displayed as "Private" or "Unavailable."

Contact your phone service provider. Inquire about setting up a service that blocks private callers on your phone line. The phone company probably will require that you have caller ID service as well.

Wait for the service provider to set up the private call blocker service on your phone. In most cases, you will not need any new equipment for activation, and the service will be available right away through an automated system.

Allow private callers to reveal themselves in order to complete the call. You can give the callers a chance to identify themselves via recorded message.