How to Block Popups in Juno

By Chad Buleen

Pop-ups are small webpages that appear during an Internet browsing session. Pop-ups most often appear when you open a new webpage. While some pop-ups serve as additional content to what you are viewing or reading, many pop-ups are advertisements. Because constantly deleting pop-ups can be an annoyance for users, many service providers include pop-up blockers. Juno's pop-up blocker is included on its toolbar and is simple to use.

Step 1

Connect to the Internet using Juno as your Internet service provider.

Step 2

Click on the "Pop-up Blocker" menu item on the Juno toolbar at the top of the screen. A dropdown list will appear below the "Pop-up Blocker" menu item.

Click "Block Pop-Ups" from the list. Juno now will block pop-ups from appearing on the computer.