How to Block Phone Numbers on Suddenlink Phones

by Maya Walker

As a Suddenlink customer, you can block certain phone numbers from calling you. Selective call rejection is a feature that checks incoming calls against a "do not accept" list. If a call is placed from a number that is on the list, a recording informs the caller that calls are not being accepted from their number. You can add numbers to your "do not accept" list at any time. You do not even need to know the number to block calls from it.

Step 1

Pick up your Suddenlink phone and listen for the dial tone.

Step 2

Press "*60" and listen to the system greeting.

Step 3

Press "#" and enter the phone number you want to block on your phone's keypad.

Press "#" again to confirm the addition of the number. The number will be played back to ensure it is correct. Hang up the phone after hearing confirmation.


  • Add the last number that called to your blocked list by dialing "*60" and entering "#01#" on your phone's keypad. You do not need to know the number of the last caller to add them to the "do not accept" list.
  • Press "09*" after accessing the blocked system to remove numbers from your blocked list.

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