How to Block Phone Numbers on Brighthouse

by Kenneth Coppens

Unwanted callers are an almost inevitable part of phone service. If you have a Brighthouse land-line phone account, you have the option to block unwanted callers. While you cannot block specific phone numbers with Brighthouse, you can block all unlisted, unavailable and private numbers. Best of all, you do not have to call customer service to do this; you merely need to press a few buttons on the phone's keypad.

Step 1

Pick up any phone connected to the Brighthouse account. Make sure you hear a dial tone.

Step 2

Dial "*77" on the phone's keypad. You will hear three beeps that let you know the Anonymous Call Rejection feature is activated.

Step 3

Hang up the phone.

Dial "*87" on the phone if you want to deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection.


  • If you want to stop telemarketers from calling, you can register at DoNotCall.gov. All you need to do is provide your phone number along with your email address.

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