How to Block a Phone Call

by Robin McDaniel

There are times when it might become necessary to block a phone call in order to avoid annoying telemarketing services or harassing callers. Knowing how to block a phone call can help you put an end to these aggravating disturbances, and there are various useful services.

Do Not Call Registry: To block a phone call from telemarketers, you can register with the National Do Not Call Registry, which is managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Just go to the website, put in up to three phone numbers that you want to register on the list. Then check your email and click the enclosed link to confirm. This will effectively stop telemarketers. Many states have individual call lists where residents can register as well.

Call trap: If you are receiving phone calls and having difficulty finding the source, ask your phone company to put a trap on the phone. Keep track of the harassing phone calls by date and time, and the phone company will use the information to find the origin of the phone calls. The information gained is usually used in more severe cases of harassment and is given to the police for enforcement purposes.

Inbound call blocker: Get an inbound call blocker hardware attachment to block all phone calls except from chosen individuals. The only people able to call you will be those with a specific code to use to complete the call.

Call trace: Call your phone company and have it set up call trace. With this service, you can dial the *57 code immediately following an unwanted phone call and it will trace the number of the caller. When the number is found, it is given to law enforcement officials.

Update regularly: If you put a block on your phone or signed up with the National Do Not Call Registry, you might find that after a period of time you begin getting unwanted phone calls again. Some of these services expire after a period, and you may need to call your service provider or the Do Not Call Registry list to update your status to continue to block unwanted phone calls.

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