How to Block People From Sending You Emails

By Danielle Fernandez

Your inbox stays full enough without all those unwanted emails.
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Email keeps you connected to your family, friends and important contacts, but it also leaves you vulnerable to receiving unwanted messages -- like scams and sales pitches, for example, or harassing emails from an ex. Most email providers offer blocking solutions, but you can also use commands within the email client on your operating system to help ebb the flow of emails you don't want.


Create a custom filter -- or rule -- by selecting the down arrow in the search box at the top of the page. Enter filtering criteria -- in this case, enter a "From" email address to block anything from a specific sender -- and then select "Create filter with this search" at the bottom. On the next screen, choose what you want to do with these messages -- for example, delete or forward them to a folder -- and then select "Create Filter" to put the new rule into effect.


To set up a block on your Yahoo email account -- Yahoo allows you up to 500 blocked addresses -- log in and hover your cursor over the gear icon at the top. Select "Mail Options" and choose "Blocked Addresses" from the menu at the left. Enter the email address or domain that you wish to block. Select the "+" button to the right to add the email address to the Blocked list -- or highlight and click the trashcan icon to delete any you wish to unblock.

Microsoft Webmail (Hotmail, Live,

When logged into the Microsoft Web email interface, select a message from the unwanted sender and then choose "Sweep" from the top action bar. Select "Delete all from" and then place a checkmark next to the "Also block future messages" option on the next screen. Clicking "Delete" at the bottom processes the command.

Windows Mail (PC)

In the Windows Mail app, select a message from the sender you wish to block, choose "Message" and then "Junk." You can choose to either block all messages sent from that specific sender or block all messages sent from the sender's domain. To block senders manually, select "Message" and then "Junk," and then click "Junk Email Options." From there, select the "Blocked Senders" tab and click "Add" to enter an email address you would like blocked. Be sure to click "OK" to save changes.

Apple Mail (Mac)

With Apple Mail launched, select "Mail" at the top left corner and choose "Preferences." Select the "Rules" tab and then click "Add Rule." Enter the email address of the unwanted sender in the "From Contains" criteria -- you can also enter just the domain in this field if you prefer. Choose what you want Apple to do with any messages received from the sender -- for example, delete or forward them to a folder -- and then click "OK" to put the rule into effect.