How to Block Paltalk Ads

by Contributor

How to Block Paltalk Ads. Paltalk is a software program that enables users to chat online using voice and video. The free version of Paltalk displays advertisements. Every time you go to a new screen in Paltalk, you may be bombarded with pop-up ads and banners. A simple way to block Paltalk advertising is to redirect advertising sites back to your local computer so that they can't display.


Check the user settings in the "Control Panel" to make sure you have administrative access.


Right-click on the "Start" button. Left-click "Explore." Click on the C drive. Browse to the "Windows" folder, then open the "System32" folder.


Open the folder called "Drivers." Browse for the "Etc" folder. Open it. Double-click on the file named "Hosts."


Click on end of the last line of the hosts files. Hit enter to start a new line. Type in "" Hit the enter key. Add the line "" Choose "File" and "Save."


Start Paltalk. You should see no ads now, but you will see errors that "the page cannot be displayed" where the ads appeared previously.


Test Paltalk to make sure you haven't lost access to other features that you need. If you have, you may need to download a third-party pop up blocker.


Search reputable software websites for a pop up blocking software that works with Paltalk. Make sure the software will work with your browser and with Paltalk. Read user reviews and installation instructions before installing the software.


  • check To temporarily allow pop ups, place a "#" symbol before each line that you added to the host file.