How to Block Numbers Using *60

By Kenyonda Bradley

You can block an unwanted number from calling your phone by dialing *60.
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You can block specific telephone numbers from calling your landline phone by utilizing a call-blocking feature that utilizes the *60 code. With the blocking code, you can create a list of up to 12 preselected numbers from ringing through to your phone. Recipients whose number is blocked hears a prerecorded message that informs them that you are not taking calls at this time.

Dial "*60" after you hang up from the number that you want to block. If you are using a rotary telephone, dial "1160."

Listen to the announcement, and follow the prompts to activate the service.

Dial "#01#" to add the last number that contacted you to the block list. Press "#" to enter a new number to your call block list, then enter the area code and phone number when prompted to do so. Press "#."

Follow the remaining prompts to exit the system. Dial "*80" to turn off the call blocking feature or "1180" if you are calling from a rotary phone.