How to Block a Number on a Verizon Land Line

by Traci Joy
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Verizon offers residential phone service that includes several features. One of those features is call blocking, which allows you to prevent certain numbers from calling your home phone. However, if you are a new Verizon customer, they report that this feature is no longer available. If you have been a customer for some time and call blocking was included in your features, you may still use it. If you move or transfer your service into another name, this feature will be discontinued on your service. If you currently have this service, it is quite simple to use and involves only a few steps.

Step 1

Pick up the phone receiver and listen for the dial tone.

Step 2

Dial star 60 (*60). You will receive instructions for call blocking, and you need to follow the prompts to add a new number to your block list, add the last number that dialed you to your block list, remove a number from your block list, or edit/change a number on your block list.

Step 3

Listen for the number you just entered to be repeated back to you.

Hang up your phone after you have entered the number you wish to block.


  • In some regions, call blocking will not be activated until you dial "3" after entering the number and confirming your list. Check with Verizon Customer Support to see if you are in one of those regions.


  • To turn call blocking off, press star (*) 80.


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