How to Block a Number When Making a Call

By Thomas McNish

Protect your privacy by keeping your phone number hidden.
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Privacy is a privilege of advanced civilizations. It's easy to take privacy for granted, but in today's evolving digital world, it's advantageous to be aware of your privacy, and to protect it every chance you get. One way to protect your privacy is by blocking outgoing calls. By entering a special code before you dial any number, you'll keep your phone number and name from appearing on the recipient's Caller ID. This method works for both cell phones and land lines.

Step 1

Lift your land line from the receiver and listen for a dialtone, or, if you are using a cell phone, turn it on and open the phone calling application.

Step 2


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on the phone's keypad.

Step 3

Enter the phone number you're calling. If you're using a mobile phone, hit "Call" or "Send" at this point. The recipient's Caller ID will display "unavailable" or "blocked."