How to Block Your Number When Calling Toll Free

By Laura Catella

Call toll free numbers anonymously using Google Voice.
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Toll-free numbers (such as 800 and 888 numbers) use Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology to capture all inbound phone numbers, even if the caller attempted to block his number by dialing *67 before calling. Though there is no way to override ANI technology, you can protect your privacy and call a toll-free number anonymously by using Google Voice.

Create a free Google Voice account (see References). Follow the prompts and enter your land line or cell phone number. When given the option to create a Google Voice number, select "Yes." You will also have the opportunity to set up visual voice mail with Google Voice. This is optional.

Use your land line or cellphone to dial *67 and call your Google Voice number.

Press "*" and enter your PIN.

Press "2". This enables you to dial out from voice mail.

Dial the toll-free number. Dialing from Google Voice hides the source number from the ANI technology, keeping your number blocked and safe.