How to Block Your Number

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Nearly every U.S. telephone service provider includes Caller ID service with just about every type of plan. If you want to block your number from appearing on the Caller ID display, you can do so on a permanent or per-call basis. There may be a charge for the blocking; check with your provider before trying it.


Dial *67 before the rest of the phone number to block your number for one call. For example, dial *67-212-555-1212. The person you're calling will see something like "Private Caller" or "Number Blocked" on her phone display.


Call your telephone service provider to block your number from Caller ID displays permanently.


Dial *82 to temporarily unblock your number from Caller ID displays, once you've blocked it permanently with your telephone service provider. For example, dial *82-212-555-1212 to allow your number to appear for the one telephone call.


  • close Some carriers charge for number-blocking. Call customer service before blocking your number.

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