How to Block No-Caller-ID Callers on Verizon Network

by Diana Braun

You have the Caller ID service enabled on your Verizon phone so that you can screen who calls you. However, you may still get bombarded with phone calls that show up with no identification or that appear anonymous. Verizon offers a service called Call Intercept that prompts users to announce who they are before your phone even rings. This service works on all incoming calls that do not provide a valid phone number, including numbers that appear as "Out of Area," "Anonymous," "Unavailable" or "Private" on your Caller ID.

Sign up for Caller ID and Call Intercept services with Verizon. The monthly fee for Caller ID is $8.50, and the monthly fee for the Call Intercept service is $5.50 on top of your monthly phone service fee. Once you order is placed, the services will begin working on your phone.

Set up Call Intercept. Call toll-free, 800-527-7070, from the phone that has the Call Intercept service activated and follow the voice prompts to set your security PIN number. Your PIN number will allow you to call into the system from any phone and modify your Call Intercept settings.

Answer your phone. When you answer your phone with the Call Intercept service enabled, you will hear the recorded name of the caller. You will then have your choice to relay one of five options to the caller. The options are: Accept call: "Thank you, Please hold." Music will then play until you answer. Decline call: "The person you are calling is not available. Thank you. Goodbye." Refuse a sales call: "The person you are calling does not accept phone solicitations. Please add their name to your Do Not Call list. Thank you. Goodbye." Send to Verizon Home Voice (VHV) Mail: "Connecting to an answering system." If you do not have an answering machine or VHV service, the caller will hear the following message, "The person you are calling is not available at this time. Thank you. Goodbye." Or you can repeat the name of the caller: The caller will hear music until you answer the phone and make your choice.


  • check To turn Call Intercept on or off, call toll-free, 800-527-7070, to access your service settings.

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