How to Block Messages on an Android

By Quinn Marshall

Whether it's a prankster, telemarketer or a bill collector with the wrong number, getting a barrage of endless messages on your phone is annoying, and can be a source of sleep deprivation if they call at all hours. However, there are several Android apps that allow you to block all messages sent from a number; some even reply on your behalf with a boilerplate reply requesting that the individual refrain from messaging you.

Step 1

Download a message-blocking application from the Android Marketplace. Your choices include Cold Shoulder from, chompSMS from or sms Blocker from Tap the "Marketplace" icon on your Android, then search for the app and download it.

Step 2

Open the blocking app by tapping its icon.

Step 3

Block the number that is harassing you. In chompSMS, tap and hold the screen over a message from the number you want blocked. A menu appears; select "Block." In Cold Shoulder, type the number you want blocked into the "Block New Number" field, then tap "Add." Choose the stock reply message, or enter a custom message. In smsBlocker, tap "Block," then "Add New" and enter the number you want blocked.