How to Block Likes & Comments From Other Friends on Facebook

by Dan Ketchum
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Facebook is a powerful and pervasive tool for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, but just as in real life, everyone's social network has a cast of unsavory characters they'd rather not interact with. To stop someone -- whether a close friend, family member or one of those “other” acquaintances -- from liking or commenting on your Facebook content, you have to block him entirely, which unfriends him in the process.

Step 1

Click on the padlock icon on your Facebook home page to make the Privacy Shortcuts menu appear. Select “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”

Step 2

Type the name of the person you wish to block in the blank field that says “Add name or email.” You can also use the email address associated with the person's Facebook account.

Press the “Block” button to block that person. This action also unfriends the person, but Facebook will not notify him that he's been blocked or unfriended. To verify that you've blocked this person, click on “View All Blocked Users” under the blank field on the Privacy Shortcuts menu.


  • Blocking people on Facebook not only stops them from commenting on your Timeline and liking the things you post; it also keeps them from being able to see your Timeline content, tag you in their posts, invite you to groups or events, send you private messages, Facebook chat with you or add you as a friend. Blocking is a two-way street; after you block someone, you can't do any of those things to him either.
  • You can also block a user by going to his Timeline, clicking on the gear icon and choosing “Report/Block...” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Use the “Report” option if the person in question is harassing you on Facebook. Facebook violations include abusive content, pornography, hate speech, threats and identity theft.
  • Although he won't be able to access you directly, you may still see limited content from the person you have blocked. For instance, if the person likes or comments on the post of a mutual friend, you will still see those likes and comments.
  • You can also limit the content you post from appearing in your friends' News Feeds via Facebook's privacy settings and News Feed preferences (see link in Resources).


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