How to Block Internet Pop-ups

By Eric Summers

Internet pop-up boxes can easily be blocked in most popular browsers.
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Internet pop-ups can be an annoying distraction when you are trying to read your favorite website or play an online game. Not only can they be a nuisance, they can also tie up valuable system resources and if the pop-up was not coded properly, it may cause your browser or even your entire computer to freeze. Luckily all of the major Internet browsers offer some form of pop-up blocking. Once you activate the blocking feature, then the Web pages you visit will no longer be allowed to display pop-up windows unless you give them permission.

Firefox 3.6

Click on "Tools," then select "Options," then select the "Content" tab.

Locate the "Block pop-up windows" option and make sure that it is checked if you wish to block all pop-ups by default.

Click on the "Exceptions" button if there are sites that you frequent that legitimately use pop-up boxes that you want to enable. You can also visit the sites and Firefox will remind you that pop-ups are blocked and give you the option to restore pop-up functionality for that particular site.

Internet Explorer 8

Click on "Tools," then select the "Pop-up Blocker" menu item. Verify that the first option says "Turn off pop-up blocker." If it does not, then click on that menu option and the pop-up blocker will be turned on.

Click on "Tools," then select the "Pop-up Blocker" menu item, then select "Pop-Up Blocker Settings." If you have a website that uses Internet pop-ups for legitimate reasons, add them to the list of exceptions here.

Locate the "Notifications and blocking level" portion of the screen and enable or disable the playing of a sound when a pop-up is blocked. Select the level of automatic pop-up blocking that you wish to use, then click on "Close."

Google Chrome 5

Click on the wrench icon in the upper left corner of the screen, select "Options" from the drop-down menu, then select the "Under the Hood" tab and click on the "Content Settings..." button.

Click on the "Pop-ups" tab and select "Do not allow any sites to show pop-ups (recommended)" to turn off all pop-up windows.

Click on the "Exceptions" button to access the exceptions screen. If you have a site that you want to allow to show pop-ups, click on the "Add" button and then input the name of the site to add it to the exceptions list.