How to Block Gambling Websites

By Chad Buleen

Regardless of whether you're trying to help someone overcome a gambling addiction or are trying to ensure your children don't have access to gambling games, there are plenty of reasons to block gambling websites. A person using Internet Explorer doesn't need to buy special gambling software. You can block gambling sites by changing Internet Explorer settings.

Step 1

Go to your desktop and open Internet Explorer by double-clicking on it. If the program isn't on your desktop, find it by clicking on the “Start” menu on the bottom left of the screen. Scroll over “All Programs”; a menu in which “Internet Explorer” is located will appear. Click on “Internet Explorer.”

Step 2

On the top right of the Internet Explorer screen that opens, click on the item that says “Tools.” A menu will open. At the bottom of this list are the words “Internet Options.” Click on this, and that window will open.

Step 3

Find the fourth tab that says “Content.” Click on it.

Step 4

At the top of the next window that opens, look for an icon and the words “Content Advisor.” There is a button in this box that reads “Enable.” Click on this button.

Step 5

See the tab that says “Ratings.” If this tab isn't yet selected, select it by clicking on it. Scroll down the list under ratings and click on the icon next to the words “Depiction of Gambling.”

Step 6

Look for a slider bar, just underneath the list of items that can be blocked, for ”Adjust the Slider to Specify What Users Are Allowed to See.” The slider bar has three settings. To completely block gambling from your computer in all forms, slide the bar all the way to the left, where it reads “None.” This will block all references and forms of gambling from your computer.