How to Block the Facebook App From My Kid's Phone (8 Steps)

By Ashley Poland

Blocking Facebook from your child's phone is easier said than done. IOS offers parental controls but doesn't allow you to block individual third-party apps. Android is worse: it doesn't offer any parental controls built into the system. However, using existing parental controls and third-party apps, you can stop your kids from accessing Facebook on either phone OS. Keep in mind, that blocking the Facebook app does not block your child from accessing Facebook via the phone browser -- to do that, you need to disable any browsers installed on the phone and block the ability to download new ones.


Step 1

Open "Settings" on the iPhone and go to the "General" section.

Step 2

Tap "Restrictions." At the top of the screen, tap "Enable Restrictions." You'll be prompted to set up a four-digit passcode if this is your first time using the restrictions -- if it isn't, you'll need to enter the code you've set up previously.

Step 3

Slide the "On/Off" button to the "Off" position for any features you want to restrict on the phone. To stop your teen from installing the Facebook app or third-party browsers, slide the "Installing Apps" button to the "Off" position. If you're concerned about your teen accessing Facebook via Safari, you can slide "Safari" to "Off" as well.

Delete the Facebook app from the phone, if it has already been installed. After it is deleted, your child will not be able to use the App Store to reinstall it. If you're also disabling browsers to stop your child from accessing Facebook via Safari, make sure that there aren't any third-party browsers installed on the phone, such as Chrome or Opera.


Step 1

Open the Google Play Store and open the application settings. Set a PIN for app purchases to prevent your child from installing apps that you haven't approved, including the Facebook app.

Step 2

Install APP Lock by DoMobile Lab, available from the Google Play store. Recommended on the TechRadar website, this app allows you to block both system and third-party apps on the phone.

Step 3

Open APP Lock when the installation is complete, which may take a few minutes. You will be prompted to set up a PIN and a security question the first time you open the app.

Tap the applications button at the bottom of the screen and scroll until you see Facebook. Slide the button to "locked." If you're also disabling the ability to access browsers on the phone, make sure that you've locked the default browser and any third-party browsers installed on the phone. You can also choose to lock the Play Store to prevent your child from installing any apps. Apps similar to APP Lock include Android Parental Control and Kytephone.