How to Block an Email in Embarqmail

by Nick Peers

If you do not wish to receive email from a particular sender in Embarqmail, you can block that user to stop the unwanted messages. Embarqmail doesn't offer a blacklist where you can simply add the sender's email address; instead, you must create a filter to block incoming messages from that address. Creating a new filter is a straightforward procedure.

Step 1

Navigate to CenturyLink.com, click "Email" and then log in to your Embarqmail account.

Step 2

Click the "Preferences" button, located next to the "Compose" button and above the list of emails.

Step 3

Click "Mail Filters" to view your email filters, and then click "New Filter" to start a new filter.

Step 4

Type a name for your filter into the "Filter Name" field. You can use the email address that you want to block as the name of the filter.

Step 5

Choose "From" from the Conditions drop-down box and enter the email address that you want to block into the empty field.

Step 6

Choose "Discard" from the Actions drop-down box.

Click "OK" to create the filter. The email address is blocked immediately.

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