How to Block an Email Address in Google

by C. Taylor

Gmail can't technically block messages from specific email addresses, but it can do the next best thing. Gmail filters enable you to choose a specific action whenever you receive an email from that address. If you opt to trash it, Gmail automatically sends all mail from the address to the Trash folder, so it never appears in your inbox. Another option is to archive the messages, which again bypasses the inbox, but keeps the message in case you need evidence of harassment.


Log in to your Gmail account and click the small arrow in the top search field.


Type the email address you want to block in the From field and click "Create Filter With This Search."


Check "Delete It" to automatically delete messages from the email address or "Skip the Inbox" to archive the messages.


Click "Create Filter" to never be bothered by those emails again.


  • check To disable the block, click the "Settings" gear icon, "Setting" from the drop-down menu, "Filters" and then "Delete" by the listed filter.

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