How to Block the Direction of a WiFi Signal

By James T Wood

Keep your Wi-Fi to yourself by blocking the signal from other directions.
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Blocking a Wi-Fi radio signal in one direction means you need to reflect the radio waves being transmitted. Radio waves are reflected by a number of media, but metal is the best reflector. Any metallic barrier will reflect the radio waves from a Wi-Fi transmitter and keep the signal from going in that direction. Constructing a metal barrier is enough to block the waves, and keep the Wi-Fi from going in a certain direction. So, your apartment neighbors, for example, won't get your Wi-Fi signal.

Step 1

Lay the display board flat on a work surface so the inside of the fold faces you. Cut pieces of aluminium foil so that they are the full height of the display board plus two inches. Cut enough pieces so that they will cover the full width of the board, plus two inches and each strip of foil will overlap the previous one by one inch.

Step 2

Start on the left side of the board and fold over the top and bottom inch of the first piece of foil. Tape it in place on the back side of the display board. Overlap the first piece by one inch on the right and place the second piece. When you get to the fold, align the foil so that its edge doesn't match the fold in the display board. Continue across the board to the right side. Fold over the right and left edges and secure them on the back with tape.

Step 3

Locate the wireless router as far in the direction that you want to block as possible. So, if you want to block the signal on the north side of your building, move the router to the far north wall. Set the display board upright behind the router. Angle the sides so they point toward the devices you want to receive the signal.