How to Block Out Your Cell Phone Number On Calls

By Melissa King

Protect your identity and privacy on any cell phone when making a phone call.
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All cell phones have a caller ID feature that displays your name and phone number to the people you call. You may not usually mind sharing your cell phone number with family and friends, but occasionally, you want to keep your information private. If you need to contact someone, but you don't want him to know your number, you can block it from view with a special code. The code works on all cell phones and is free to use. Some phones and service providers also offer other ways to block your number.

Step 1

Press 67 on your phone, enter a 10-digit phone number and press "Send." This blocks your information for that call. You'll need to enter 67 again every time you want to hide your number.

Step 2

Press *82, enter a 10-digit phone number and press "Send" to block your information for all calls to the number you entered.

Step 3

Check your phone's Settings menu for a caller ID blocking option. Not all cell phones have this option.

Step 4

Call your phone service provider, and request permanent caller ID blocking for any number that you call. This service is sometimes free, but your service provider may also charge you a fee. You may be able to enable this feature online on your service provider's website.