How to Block Incoming Unwanted Calls on Verizon Home Phones

By LaTasha Rogers

Verizon home phone service allows you to block unwanted phone calls.
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Verizon offers residential phone service to its customers on land-line phones. This service offers numerous features, including call blocking. Call blocking enables you to stop unwanted incoming calls from coming to your phone. You have to enable call blocking separately for each unwanted phone number.

Dial "*60" on your land-line phone ("1160" if you are using a rotary phone).

Dial the phone number that you would like to block when the automated service tells you to enter the number.

Confirm the number entered is correct. Press the number that is requested if the number entered is correct.

Follow the steps for any additional numbers that you want to block. Verizon allows you to block up to 12 telephone numbers.

Hang up the phone or press the "End" button to release the call when you have entered all the telephone numbers.