How to Block Calls From Unwanted Numbers on a Samsung Cell Phone

by John Ruiz

Samsung mobile phones feature various security and privacy options to ensure that you are not bothered by annoying callers. Without these features, anyone who knows your number can dial it and cause your phone to ring if the device is on and has a network signal. Add unwanted callers to a special block list so you can accept calls from the numbers that matter while rejecting those that bother you.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button from the standby screen on your Samsung cell phone and go to "Settings."

Step 2

Select "Calls" from the list of options and go to "General" or "All Calls," depending on your Samsung model. Go to "Auto Reject" to see the available blocking options.

Go to the "Reject list" and press the "Options" button. Select "Create" or "Add Number" and add the unwanted number to ensure future calls from that number will not disturb you. Repeat this step if you wish to add more numbers.


  • You can delete or change the numbers in your reject list at any time by navigating back to that list and using the "Options" key to make changes.
  • Your Samsung phone may have an option to block all numbers that are not in your phone book. To enable this feature, go back to the "Auto Reject" menu and change the "Unknown" setting to "On." This is only recommended if multiple numbers are bothering you.

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