How to Block Calls on Home Phone

By Nikki Cash

Most home phone companies offer features that block unwanted calls. Additionally, most home phones now also come with built-in features that will identify unknown or telemarketer numbers to alert you to unwanted calls. There are varying degrees of privacy and blocking abilities available, but with current technology facilitating the ease with which a person's private information flows, any protection is good protection.

If you have Caller ID, keep a log of the unwanted numbers that pop up on your Caller ID display. Many phones sold today come with the display screen for this feature built in, but it's of no use if your phone company doesn't provide the service or you haven't signed up to receive it as part of your monthly package.

Call the company that supplies your home phone service. Let them know the numbers you want to block and they will add them to a list of blocked calls for your phone number. When someone from that number calls in the future, the phone will not ring; instead, the caller will hear a recording informing him that the number has been blocked.

There are different types of call-blocking features, including anonymous call blocking, which automatically blocks any unknown numbers from calling; the personalized ring, which identifies callers with a unique ring tone; and privacy manager, which has unknown callers identify themselves before their calls can be put through to you.

You can also manually block calls by pressing 60 and following the directions that follow over the phone. If the number shows up as unknown, dial 60 immediately after picking up the phone to add it to your list of blocked callers.

Add your phone number to a the national Do Not Call Registry. Visit the website at and add your phone number to the list of numbers that businesses and telemarketers may not call unless you already do business with them.