How to Block Caller ID for Outgoing Calls

By Joshua Duvauchelle

Caller ID is a phone service used by many individuals who want to see the number and name of a caller before picking up the line. Caller ID is often useful for tracking and detecting telemarketers or similar unwanted calls. You may want to block call recipients from seeing your name or number when making a call. Protect your privacy by enabling the built-in blocking features on your phone line.

Block the recipient's caller ID from seeing your land line number and details on a per-call basis. This option is best for those who don't mind caller ID most of the time, but may occasionally want to protect their privacy on certain calls. Pick up the phone receiver. Dial *67 on your touchtone phone's keypad, or 1167 on a rotary phone, before dialing the number you wish to reach. Caller ID will be blocked. Repeat for each call you wish to block.

Get per-line or complete blocking on your land line phone. Call your local phone company and request this service to block caller ID on all outgoing calls rather than just the ones you choose. This option is best for those who are very concerned about their privacy. If you have per-line blocking, you can unblock your phone on a per-call basis by pressing *82 before dialing a number. On a rotary phone, dial 1182.

Check if you have per-call or per-line blocking features if you use a mobile phone. Most cell phone service providers provide the same blocking features for cell phones as they do landlines. The 67 and 82 dial commands work the same. Consult your carrier to determine whether these features are available with your calling plan.

Use an Internet voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone service such as Vonage or Skype. These products typically display a random string of numbers or letters when making an outgoing call to a phone with caller ID.