How to Block Caller ID With AT&T Phones

by Diana Braun

AT&T call screening features allow you to control who you receive calls from and how your information is displayed on calls you make. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require that phone companies make available for free a uniform per-line blocking and unblocking process to allow individuals their privacy. Call blocking can occur on a per-call basis or per-line basis. However, there are exceptions to call blocking. Your name and number will not be blocked when placing 800 or toll-free calls (the called party pays for the call and has the right to identify the caller) and emergency services (911). Telemarketers are also required to transmit Call ID information and are not allowed to block information.

Call Blocking Per Call

Listen for a dial tone on your phone.

Press *67 and wait until you hear a second dial tone.

Dial the outgoing phone number. The receiver of your call will not see your name or phone number. This applies only to this one call. If you want to continue blocking your name and number, you must repeat Steps 1 to 3 for each call made. This feature is free with your AT&T; service.

Deactivate Call Blocker Per Call. The feature is automatically deactivated once you hang up from the call.

Call Blocking Per Line (Complete Blocking)

Call 611 from your mobile phone or 1-800-331-0500 from a landline to speak to an AT&T; representative and subscribe to the Caller ID Block feature. There is no charge for this service.

Begin making phone calls. The display of your name and number will be blocked on all outgoing calls you place from the line in which the Call Blocking service has been activated.

Deactivate Call Blocker Per Line on a Per-Call basis. Listen for the dial tone and press *82. Place the call and your Call ID information will be seen by the recipient. With Call Blocking Per Line, you will need to press *82 each time you want your name and number to be seen by the receiver.

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