How to Block a Cell Phone Call on a Net 10 Phone

By Nicole Zoltack

Unwanted cell phone calls can be blocked.
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Net 10 phones are prepaid cell phones. With no bills, no contracts and no overages, Net 10 phones are a great way to have a cell phone without having to worry about signing a contract. Unfortunately, telemarketers have started to call, and even text, people on their cell phones. But you can block a telemarketer's, or anyone else's, call.

Call Net 10 and ask them to block a specific number from calling your phone. You will need to give the Net 10 representative your Net 10 phone serial number and your Net 10 phone number.

Make sure your cell phone number is unlisted. This will make it harder for telemarketers to find your number and to call you.

Sign up your Net 10 phone for the National Do Not Call Registry. Managed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Do Not Call list protects you from telemarketer harassment. If a telemarketer calls you after your number is on the list, you can report him on the registry's website.

Buy a call blocking device. This device allows you to permanently block numbers. It also lets you control who calls you.

Sign up with a reverse phone detective service if you wish to block an unlisted phone number. This service allows you to see who is calling and where the number is calling from.