How do I Block an Annoying Landline Phone Calls in Verizon?

By Amanda Johnson

Block unwanted phone calls to protect your privacy.
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Verizon Wireless is a leading wireless provider that offers many advanced technological features. Rated highly for customer satisfaction, Verizon offers a reliable network to millions of people in 44 states. From texting and Internet to GPS navigation and blocking phone numbers, Verizon has many features for customers to use. Verizon allows you to block spam calls or annoying landline phone calls using the Verizon website. If you block a phone number, calls will not be able to get through from that specific phone number.

Step 1

Sign in to your Verizon account by using the Verizon website. Type your user name and password in the "Sign In" field located at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.

Step 2

Find "My Services" in My Verizon once you sign in. It is located in the horizontal navigation bar. Locate "Spam Controls" in the drop-down menu of "My Services." You will be redirected to the Spam Controls home page.

Step 3

Select "Call & Messaging Blocking" on the Spam Controls page. Call & Messaging Blocking allows you to block the landline phone number from calling you and leaving any messages. Type the 10-digit landline number in the field under Call & Messaging Blocking. Click "Apply." The landline number will be blocked for 90 days.

Step 4

Choose Usage Controls if you would like to block the landline phone number permanently. In the "My Services" tab, find "Parental Controls." This service sets restrictions on voice minutes and text messaging. From the "Parental Controls" main page, select "Usage Controls." This service is billed monthly in the amount of $4.99, as of the time of publication. User Controls allows Verizon users to block up to 20 numbers permanently.

Step 5

Locate the tab labeled "Add Blocked Numbers." Click the "Add Blocks" button, and enter the landline phone number. Add a name to the 10-digit phone number. Click the "Add" button.