How to Block AdClick

by Candice Abrams

AdClick has pop-up ads that may become annoying to any Web surfer. However, you have the option to block those pop-up ads from invading your computer. You have the option to change the settings for pop-up ads through your browser's settings menu. If this option does not work, you may install a pop-up blocker to your browser. Many websites offer this security feature for free.

Step 1

Launch Internet Explorer. Click the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options." Choose the "Privacy" tab.

Step 2

Check the box next to "Turn on Pop-Up Blocker." Click "OK" or "Save."

Install a free third-party pop-up blocker such as NoAds, AdBlocker or Pop Up Stopper. Save the file to your desktop and double-click the file to begin installation. Restart your Web browser to block pop-up ads.


  • Some Web browsers such as Safari, Netscape and Opera may have these features enabled by default.


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