What Does the Blinking Green Light on the Upper Right of a Droid Phone Mean?

By Lindsay Maddox

The vast line of Droid smartphone models and can seem quite intimidating, even for the savviest of techies. The number of functions of a Droid seem endless, as do the types of alerts, alarms, beeps and buttons that are created by these mini-computers. Fortunately, the longer you use it, the more familiar you'll get with your phone. One handy feature of the Droid is the blinking green light that appears when your screen is turned off. On many models, this light appears on the upper left-hand side of the phone, next to the earpiece whereas others have it on the right side of the earpiece. No matter which Droid model you have, the function of the blinking green light is the same.

You Have a Missed Call

When someone calls your phone and you neglect to answer it, your phone will alert you with an icon in the top bar that appears as a red phone with a jagged arrow above it. In addition, you will notice a green blinking light in the upper left or right of your phone. This is to inform you of your missed call, even when the screen is dark. To remove the alert, place your finger on the white bar on the screen and pull the menu downward. Then, either tap on the missed call symbol to be taken to a list of missed calls, or simply press the "Clear" button in the upper right corner.

You Have a Voicemail

Just as it alerts you to a missed call, your phone will alert you to a new voice mail with both a green blinking light on the upper left or right of the phone when your screen is dark, as well as an icon. To remove the alert, you must listen to the voicemail. Place your finger on the bar on the top of the screen and swipe the menu downward. Then, tap on the "Voicemail" option. You will be immediately connected to your voicemail box where you can listen to the message, delete it, skip it or save it. After you have disconnected, the alert will no longer be visible.

You Have a Text Message

The Droid also informs you of a new text message by causing a blinking green light in the upper left or right of the phone when the screen is dark. A new text message is also denoted by an open envelope on the top of the screen. To remove the blinking light and icon, swipe to open the top menu and either tap on the message or press the "Clear" button on the upper right corner of the menu. Note that if you do not read the message, it will remain as an unread message in your universal inbox.

You Have a New Email

Some versions of the Droid will cause the green LED light to blink on the upper left or right when a new email has arrived in the universal inbox for email accounts that have been linked to the phone. If this is the case, an envelope will appear in your top menu. You can remove the alert and the notification icon by reading the email.