A Blank Screen After a System Restore

by Kim Sarah

PCs contain a System Restore option. This is a program that keeps track of changes, both good and bad, on your computer and is useful in potentially destructive situations, such as a virus attack or system crash. System Restore can bring your computer back to a saved date prior to the problem, while sparing all of the information stored on your computer up to that saved date. Microsoft suggests using the Command Prompt to restart a PC if System Restore fails.

Using Command Prompt when System Restore fails

If seeing a blank screen after using System Restore, restart your computer.

Press F8 when system startup begins. This will start the computer in Safe Mode, using only the necessary programs.

Select "Safe mode with a Command prompt" by using the arrow keys. A mouse can't be used at this point.

When the command prompt window pops up, type "%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe" in the window. You will need to be logged in as an administrator to complete this task.

Follow the set of instructions that will appear on the screen. They will provide the necessary steps needed at this point to restore the computer back to a fully working state.


  • check Make sure to regularly back up all of the information on the computer. This will allow system restore to work best by keeping the latest restore date recent.


  • close Do not try to force a regular startup on the computer. Make sure to adhere to all steps. A forced normal startup can cause permanent damage and loss of information.

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