What Is a Biometric Coprocessor Driver?

by Micah McDunnigan
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A growing field in computer security is biometric authentication: using your physiologically unique features to identify you as you. These provide stronger security than traditional passwords. Biometric coprocessor drivers allow computers to use biometric hardware.


Biometric authentication devices use items such as your fingerprint or retinal image for your physiologically identifying features. Devices that authenticate your fingerprint were the most affordable for consumers as of 2010.


Drivers are software components that translate signals from your operating system into formats the device can understand. It similarly translates signals from the device into formats your operating system can understand. Biometric coprocessor -- another name for biometric authentication devices -- drivers serve this purpose for these biometric coprocessor devices.

Where Do I Get Biometric Coprocessor Drivers?

Different devices use different drivers. Your biometric authentication device should have come with a CD containing its driver. If it did not, you can go to the manufacturer's website to download the driver.


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